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August 14, 2018

Person of Substance

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Ally EnemyA Person of Substance can be represented by an acronym: P.O.S. Another type of person can also be represented by the same acronym: P.O.S.

A person of substance will have your back if they declare they will. The other P.O.S. is highly likely to turn on you no matter what grandiose smoke they once blew in your direction.

The entertaining scenario is when two P.O.S., turncoat types are in cahoots with each other. When the going gets tough, you can count on these two vilifying each other.

“Birds of a feather” comes to mind as does the old saying, “If you lie down with dogs, you will get fleas.”

Look no further than mob underlings testifying against their boss when they are faced with long-term incarceration. That’s one P.O.S. turning on another.

If you surround yourself with suspect people, you will also be a suspect, and rightly so.

These P.O.S. people are very transactional, loyal to no one and emblematic of the downside of the P.O.S. label.

Who do you want to be associated with? – People of Substance or their exact opposite: People who have conditioned themselves to be Pieces of Shit.

All the best,


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August 7, 2018

Venn Diagrams

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Venn2I didn’t learn about Venn Diagrams until high school. For whatever reason, they fascinated me then and continue to do so.

The thing I find most intriguing about them is the “melting pot” in the middle where divergent things come together.

To me, that section represents what we have in common. It’s actually very little if we look at it from the angle of being a special club that divides us.

I now switch subjects to Greek syllogisms. They are comprised of 2 assumptions (whether valid or not) that come to a 3rd conclusion.

All Americans have blood.

All Americans have red blood.

Therefore All Americans are red blooded.

You can come to an absurd conclusion if you wind up in the middle section of a Venn Diagram with corrupted data vs. factual information.

So, based on faulty information, you may not really belong in the middle but on the fringe. People on the fringe don’t have much in common with the universe of sampled people.

The following type of “fun house mirror” logic is spewed every day to prop up our fringe opinions and represent them as facts.

Radio host Bob Blowhard is a Bigot.

Joe Public is a family man and applauds and supports Bob’s positions.

Family men are not bigots.

What do we really have in common? That’s worth exploring because it will be the glue that unites us. Passing off our opinions as facts divides us.

I’m reminded of the story of the drunk leaning on a lamppost. Is he using it to support his impaired position or is it shining a light on his condition?

I guess my message is to inspect your opinions before you pass them on as facts.

I’m a parent and a grandparent and one of the most divisive things I can do is pass on my prejudice. It’s productive for me to either inspect my opinions in the light of day or just shut up.

All the best,


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August 2, 2018

Who’s Running The Show?

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DirectorI have used the phrase “comfortable in your own skin” for many years. It’s hard to define in words because it’s a feeling, yet I’ll make an attempt.

It occurs to me that someone who is comfortable in their own skin has figured out that their thinking mind is not them. We are not our thoughts; we are so much deeper. “Deeper” translates to more comfortable.

Uncomfortable people constantly argue with their mind. It’s a battle for who’s running the show. Arguing with your mind is like arguing with a tape recorder. Imagine how quickly you would call for the men in white coats if you saw someone outwardly arguing with a tape recorder.

Your mind is playing the same tapes over and over again and baits you to fight with it to see who the winner will be. As noted many times in the past, you have NEVER won an argument with your mind.

So, your mind runs the show . . . until you go deeper.

I’m currently writing a book called INTER RUPTION: The Key To Lasting Change. The premise of the book is to interrupt the mind, not fight with it.

When we interrupt our scripted mind, we open the door to depths not previously plumbed. It’s at this depth that argument melts and fades away and comfort within your own skin wins the day.

Want to have more say in directing your life? Interrupt the script and add depth to your role.

All the best,


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August 1, 2018

The Invitation

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SubmarineLife offers us a standing invitation every day. Most of us ignore the invitation.

What invitation does life offer every hour, every day? – The invitation to go deeper.

Based on my experience, I find that most of us argue for our surface limitations which puts up a barrier to reaching our depth.

Many people begin to notice the invitation when reality delivers a blow. I refer to that moment as “a dark night of the soul.” This is an optimum time to discover who you are past all your surface descriptions.

This is a time to spend time with yourself and avoid the diversions you’ve entertained in the past. It’s scary for some to spend time with themselves. Their mind goes into high gear defending the way they are, even though that way is not working.

If you avoid going deeper, you’ll go back to the limited options your conditioning consistently delivered.

Did you ever wonder why many people gravitate to the same type of people who were problematic to them in the past? When you stay on the surface, your options are limited and as I heard many years ago, “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.”

If you’re going through a dark period, it’s highly recommended to R.S.V.P. to life’s invitation.

Going deeper is going deeper than your thoughts.

The vehicle you use to go deeper is irrelevant. It can be prayer, meditation, reflection, mindfulness or something else. Any of those methods will transport you to enter the depths of you.

I invite you to get curious about going deeper. It’s a life changing experience.

All the best,


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