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August 2, 2018

Who’s Running The Show?

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DirectorI have used the phrase “comfortable in your own skin” for many years. It’s hard to define in words because it’s a feeling, yet I’ll make an attempt.

It occurs to me that someone who is comfortable in their own skin has figured out that their thinking mind is not them. We are not our thoughts; we are so much deeper. “Deeper” translates to more comfortable.

Uncomfortable people constantly argue with their mind. It’s a battle for who’s running the show. Arguing with your mind is like arguing with a tape recorder. Imagine how quickly you would call for the men in white coats if you saw someone outwardly arguing with a tape recorder.

Your mind is playing the same tapes over and over again and baits you to fight with it to see who the winner will be. As noted many times in the past, you have NEVER won an argument with your mind.

So, your mind runs the show . . . until you go deeper.

I’m currently writing a book called INTER RUPTION: The Key To Lasting Change. The premise of the book is to interrupt the mind, not fight with it.

When we interrupt our scripted mind, we open the door to depths not previously plumbed. It’s at this depth that argument melts and fades away and comfort within your own skin wins the day.

Want to have more say in directing your life? Interrupt the script and add depth to your role.

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