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April 18, 2019


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Jr korpa 1349735 unsplashThe following Grasshopper thought popped in the other day: “Masterminds master their mind.”

Please don’t read “master” as “control.”

“Master” should be read as “mastery.” Mastery is not perfection; it’s more like excellence.

An excellent way to “master” your mind is to observe your mind at work. Just become a bystander to your thought process and watch the Broadway show your mind puts on.

To become more of a mastermind, you have to have less attachment to your thoughts. When you attach to your thoughts, you wind up fighting with your mind. You have never won an argument with your mind.

Observing the mind rather than fighting with it is the key to mastery.

Catching yourself thinking (observing) is a discipline that pays dividends.

When you observe, you interrupt your thoughts. When you interrupt your thoughts, you create a space in your thinking. In that space is mastery begins to bloom.

Want to be a mastermind? Master the magic of observation and experience peace of mind.

All the best,


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April 12, 2019


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Levi guzman 268866 unsplashThe Grasshopper hit me with an idea the other day: “There’s opportunity in unity.”

It felt a little bit like a quote that’s been around since 1624: “No man is an island,” but different.

Unity suggests camaraderie to me. I guess that’s why they call collections of military personnel “units.”

I also have to mention the Three Musketeers’ motto – “All for one and one for all.”

Going it alone is a tough road whether professionally or personally, and it, too often, keeps opportunity on the horizon rather than in your grasp.

Bringing other people into your circle to consult and cavort with presents more options and more opportunities.

If you’re stuck in place, reach out to another face. It’s an exercise in unity that leads to opportunity.

All the best,


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April 2, 2019

Happy 😄

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Ben white 128604 unsplashWhat makes me happy? This is the question that popped into my mind early this morning. I came up with countless answers, of which I will only list a few . . .

• I’m happy when I see a dog hanging its head outside a car window.

• It makes me happy to see a happy ending movie.

• It makes me happy when I make someone laugh.

But this is not just about me; it’s about you too.

“Happy” is a matter of focus. It seems that most of our focus is on troublesome thoughts . . . until we notice.

Learn to catch yourself thinking. Troublesome thoughts will always be a part of our life. But if we keep non-stop focus on them, we miss many happy thoughts.

No one is totally happy. Anyone who claims they are has a truckload of snake oil.

Develop the habit of noticing (observing) your thinking. Just by noticing, we create a space between our thoughts. In that space, take a moment to think about what makes you happy. It’s a pleasant respite from doom and gloom.

Did you ever notice that happy thoughts deliver warm bodily feelings? Warm always melts ice. Take a moment to purposely feel nice.

All the best,


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