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July 11, 2017

Testing 1 2 3

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I’m sure youTest’ve said or heard someone else say something like this: “God or the universe is testing me.”

I’d like to offer some perspective on that. The universe is always expanding, going forward, never backward and doesn’t stop its progression.

If it were testing you, it would have to stop and see how you did. It doesn’t stop.

Reality, the byproduct of the universe’s expansion, doesn’t stop either. It’s like the old radio saying goes: “The hits just keep on comin’.

Reality isn’t planned. It just happens. If you’re attempting to find out ‘why” something happened to you, it’s an exhausting exercise that takes tons of imagination, churning out countless answers, none of which are satisfying.

So the one-size-fits-all answer we come up with is: God is testing me.

What hubris it takes to think that you’re being offered a test by something that’s too busy creating to stop and give you an exam. The only test question is one you ask yourself: How do I find a solution when reality happens to me?

Then you’ll be tapping into your creativity and thus be more godlike.

You aren’t being tested. You’re encountering reality – something that has no rhyme, reason or agenda.

You’ll do much better in life by responding to your realities rather than sharpening up your number 2 pencil to take a non-existent test.

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