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The AYES Are A Disguise - Grasshopper

Say what you say, not what you do causes people to say, “I don’t want to know you.”

I think it goes without saying that the world would be a better place if we said less and did more. We have the accent on the audible rather than the movement. More people move their mouth and leave their doing lying on the couch.


I believe one of the cures to this worldwide blathering behavior is to say, “No” more often than we do. When you say, “Yes” and don’t follow through, more of the world doesn’t want to know you.


I’m sure there are countless reasons (excuses) for not following through, but most of them don’t make people want to get to know you.


Yes, there are “acts of god” and “I plum forgot” that give you a legitimate pass, but all of the other reasons are just an attempt to cover your ass.


If you forget too often, people will start to forget about you. You’ll fall into the category of someone they can’t count on because your behavior doesn’t add up.


Years ago, I heard a quote from EST founder Werner Erhard that sums it up. He said, “The reason life doesn’t work is because people don’t keep their agreements.”


Ponder that for a moment and you’ll find that it’s an accurate observation in all areas of your life: personal, professional, casual, and formal.


The old expression of “your word is your bond” has to have a renaissance to get “doing what you say” back on its feet. Otherwise “Yes” will be a disguise for “No” and you’ll become a modern day Pinocchio – someone people don’t want to know.


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