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What Makes A Difference? - Grasshopper

Who or what makes a difference in your life? The “who” is usually easier to answer, while the “what” remains somewhat elusive.

So the overarching question is: What makes a difference in life? I’m sure the answers are as varied as there are people, but I’m wondering if there is a “one-size-fits-all” answer.


It seems that answer is hiding in plain sight. The answer is in the question. What makes a difference in your life is “difference.”


We all have routines that serve us well, but we have other ones that keep us spinning our wheels. It’s seeking difference that will get us out of a rut and back to traveling on solid ground.


There is a model for getting unstuck. There is someone who has already figured it out. To find that person, look for someone who already has what you desire or is in the position you want to be in. Once you find them, find out what they’re doing differently than you.


Reminds me of a story . . . I programmed a radio station in the early 90s that had initial ratings success. But then, after a while, the ratings got lower. I wanted to get out of this rut so I looked at the ratings of similarly formatted stations in other cities and called the successful ones to see what they were doing differently. I spoke with eight different program directors in eight different cities and a pattern started to form. We were all playing the same music, had similar competitors in our markets, and we all had proven, talented personalities on the air. The major difference I discovered was that they were continually promoting what else was on their air besides what the listener was currently listening to. We weren’t. Thankfully, I noticed the difference that was making a difference and instituted that cross-promotional feature on our station and we rose to the top again.


There is someone who’s been in the situation you’re in but they are no longer stuck. I can assure you they didn’t get out from under by an abundance of luck. They found a difference in the way others operated and adopted that difference as their own.


So here’s the secret formula for finding out what makes a difference: Look to others who are doing what you want to do but are doing it differently than you. Act on their advice or just model what they do. It’s a surefire way to make a difference.


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