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Reality Is A Reflection Of Perfection - Grasshopper

When something is 100% scientifically verified, you are witnessing the perfection of the universe.

I have often suggested that reality is perfection. It’s the offspring of a perfect universe. People will cite chaos and claim that reality is imperfect and not scientifically predictable or knowable. It’s my sense that what we call “chaos” does have an order to it, one that we yet don’t understand. We don’t know how to measure it. But if and when scientists figure that out, they will find out the reality of chaos is orderly and perfect.


This is not suggesting determinism. This is about the immutable laws, both seen and unseen, that make up the macro and micro of the universe we live in.


You may have heard the expression, “there is nothing new under the sun.” That means it’s all here, just much of it remains undiscovered.


Just like we can’t define infinity to anyone’s satisfaction, we also can’t define all the contributing parts to the atom. The further we go into outer space, the more space we find. The deeper we look at subatomic particles, the more of them we discover, infinitely more.


Scientific discovery, or as I like to say, “uncovery,” reflects the perfection of the known inner and outer limits, if there are any limits.


This is hardly a treatise on science; I barely passed that subject in high school. It’s more of a validation of The Buddha’s teaching: “Everything is as it should be.” He could have just as easily said that reality can’t be any other way than the way it is, but that wouldn’t have fit on the side of his camel. Reality has a structure. It’s perfect science.


Gravity existed well before we ascribed a law to it. Assigning a law is our logical way of attempting to explain reality. There are countless laws yet to be discovered, but even when they are, there will always be more to find. That doesn’t mean to stop looking, because curiosity is a driving force of reality, a law if you will, that helps us find perfection in what we consider an imperfect world.


We’re all as perfect as the universe we are part of, but we spend a goodly amount of our time railing against reality and looking for and assigning flaws, instead of finding the perfection of it contained in the laws.


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