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50-50 - Grasshopper

In the history of mankind there has never been, nor will there ever be, a 50-50 relationship. Striving for that goal will keep you focused on the fantasy vs. the reality.

Relationships are like the schoolyard see-saw: weighted to one side, then the other. If they ever do become balanced, it’s for a fleeting moment – shorter than lifespan of a fruit fly.


I’m reminded of a friend who, many years ago, was engaged to be married. He called it off after being regaled with what each member of this union would be responsible for by his bride-to-be. Let’s call it a, “Here’s what’ll be in your cup, pre-nup.”


Relationships ebb and flow just like a rocket ship on its way to the moon. They are off course better than 90% of the time but they self-correct along the way for the variances, resulting in successful missions.


It seems the relationships that work best are the ones where one is having a “bad” day and the other picks them up, and vice-versa. Where relationships go off course is when both are having a “bad” day. If that scenario becomes the norm rather than the exception, it won’t be too long before “over the moon and back” will morph into a knife in the back.


Here’s the relationship reality: You two will either figure it out or you won’t, but pre-planning “who does what” will leave you both in an uncomfortable rut.


It took a Harvard mathematician to dispel the myth that coin tosses are 50-50. And even science goes out the window and gut guesses take over when the odds are judged to be even-steven.


Striving for perfection is a noble goal but sensing when to settle for excellence will keep you more balanced. So, when it comes to relationships, toss 50-50 in the trash and put it out by the curb because these odds are rarely right and mostly absurd.


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